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, the justices will tackle the role of religion in the public square. they will hear arguments this week in the town of grace, new york versus galloway, the issue whether prayer at government meetings passes constitutional muster. it's argued the town is violating the separation of church and state by opening their council meetings with a christian prayer. jordan lawrence is with alliance freedom and reverend barry lind is representing galloway oig. good day to both you. reverend, the central focus in the case is the first amendment establishment clause. it says congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. so how to you argue in this case the establishment clause, basically the separation of church and state, that it's being violated in this case? >> unlike god save the honorable court, it's become a platitude, it's used so often it's from the much lost its spiritual significance. when you get down to what's going on in greece, new york, you're finding an overwhelming number, in factual but four of the prayers prayed in the
, they are shocked. the priest says it is further proof religion does not play much the role in the region. hardly anyone goes to church year. >> when people start robbing graves, it goes to show we are starting to lose our humanity. we are becoming no better than animals. if we no longer respect our dead, we risk losing our souls. >> who are the perpetrators there are scrap dealers on every corner in northern bohemia. the police suggest we talked to one of them. she would not buy urns work chris affixes -- crucifixes. not only is bohemia a godless region, it is also a poor one. selling scrap metal is the only way he can make ends meet. >> if you do not have a job, you have to make a bit of money somehow. the government does not care. but you need to pay your bills. where do i get it from? home, garden, where ever i find it, that i do not steal it proved the whole country has already been looted. >> the only places where there is still something left to steal are the graveyards. he is a policeman. even he admits justice is seldom done in northern bohemia, and there is nothing he can do about it. h
of yours rodin, including best s dennis stated. >> this is a way of life but a religion, no. >> tell us what you think. join the conversation or you can't go on for more on this story. >> the time is 6:23 a.m.. if you know someone, you might be able to get them the google g hey... is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. >> welcome back. the time is 6:26 a.m.. here's a live look at wall street. about two-thirds of the companies have succeeded their expectations. the stock markets have rose in. maligned the dow closed at about a point and the nasdaq lost 2. we are three minutes away from the opening bell and we'll see what happens. maligned there might be a new way for you to get your hand on the google glass. they are allowing people to invite their friends to get the glass. you have to have a friend
establishment of religion. >> that clause coming into play when a court makes the ruling from a small town in new york. >>> joining us with details is father jonathan morris. >> good morning. >> tell us, this is a big case because it's gone to the supreme court. >> huge. >> it has major implications about religion in our country. >> it's huge. >> it comes from greece, new york. >> it does. the small town in upstate, new york, had a tradition of once a month there would be a pastor that would come in and lead the city council in prayer. usually it was a christian pastor because the local community is predominantly christian, but then a couple of people complained. they were non-theists. another term for an atheist who said we should also be able to have somebody represent us. keep in mind what is prayer? prayer is talking to god. why a theist would want be to do that i'm not exactly sure. but at the base -- at the core of this case is whether or not in a public place, like a courtroom, like, for example, before a football game in kansas someplace, whether or not in that public institution w
will feel that is an important thing. even though they can't directly legislate morality or law or religion, they can nevertheless support it in various ways. >> what was cardinal dulles's relationship with his father? >> i found out something about that that i don't think is ever been published, buried in oral history in the princeton dulles archives. in that oral history, it is an interview with one of the law partners at sullivan cromwell. he says one day, foster dulles called me frantically and said, this is the worst day of my life. you have got to come in right now to my office. i went to his office. i saw him very upset. he handed me a letter and asked me to read it. the letter was to his son, avery, who had decided to become a catholic. for someone like john foster dulles, it would have been better if his son had become a hindu. a catholic was absolutely intolerable. in this letter, foster dulles writes to his son, never speak to me again, never call me again, you are not my son. i have nothing to do with you. his partner recalls -- he said, i spent four hours with dulles that after
this is the majority religion in the country, 51% i think the last poll showed our catholic. but at the time john f. kennedy ran, not even his church was behind him. and this is why the kennedys have always said the cardinals and bishops are republicans and the nuns are democrat. but joe kennedy was the 10th richest man in america at that time, and he still knew that no matter how much money he had, they wouldn't have that ultimate respectability until they broke through and put an irish catholic in office. and he was determined that one of his sons would become that. there wasn't that drive and the bush family. prescott bush was a moderate republican senator. his son, george herbert walker bush wanted to be like his father, and so he pursued politics. and then george w. bush. >> host: in the family, you write for those who study the fault line, the campaign of 1980 is instructive. because to dynastic sons chose to challenge their party's front runners and those two presumptive heirs base their candidacies solely on their sense of entitlement. >> guest: i am fascinated, not just by the study of pow
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)